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          China Security and Protection Industry Association (CSPIA)

          China International Public Security Products Exposition Security China is an all-round and multi-angle exhibition of security industry development achievements, new products and new technologies in the field of security industry. It has become a high-end brand exhibition in China's security industry and an important global influence. One of the international security Expo. The Expo will continue to uphold the concept of "popularizing security knowledge, displaying advanced technology, leading the development of the industry, serving public security" and integrate product exhibition, industry forum, technology exchange, and technology popularization activities to fully demonstrate the innovative development of security technology and products in the construction of safe China and smart cities. Comprehensive application.

          In this exhibition, WELTRONICS will join hands with many well-known brands to participate in the exhibition, our brands have new products and for the security industry application display. At that time, you are welcome to visit the company's exhibition exchange, we will have a professional product engineer to explain for you.

          China International Public Security Products Exposition Security China

          Time: October 23 to October 26, 2018

          Location: China International Exhibition Center(New Center).Beijing

          Booth Number: W3 Hall- F45

          Waiting for you to visit the guide!