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          MEMS semiconductor gas sensor
          Product pictures
          Product introduction

          TGS8100 MEMS semiconductor gas sensor

          • Usable in devices previously impractical for gas sensors

            Smaller, with significantly reduced power consumption. The history of gas sensor development has frequently focused on miniaturization and reduced power consumption. Figaro Engineering has succeeded in development of the TGS8100 MEMS semiconductor gas sensor, boasting a size and power consumption among the lowest in the world which in turn simplify product design and enhance automated manufacturing.


          • World’s smallest gas sensor class(0.99mm×2.5mm×3.2mm)

            Sensor miniaturization enables further miniaturization of electronic devices and application to mobile terminals and wearable devices.


          • Expanding possibilities for battery drive Low Power consumption

            At 15mW of constant powering, power consumption is reduced by approximately 92% in comparison to conventional products. While miniaturization may raise concerns about reliability of gas sensors, TGS8100 maintains chemical stability via special MEMS manufacturing techniques combined with Figaro’s extensive expertise in sensor materials.

            Furthermore, the potential for intermittent drive allows for the possibility of battery operation, permitting use in devices and equipment not previously possible. When intermittently powered, the gas sensor reaches heater ON temperature in just a few seconds, enabling rapid gas detection. While intermittent drive raises concerns over the adverse effects of thermal shock on sensor structure, the unique design of TGS8100 minimizes these effects.


          • Sensor package generates negligible heat Simplifies thermal design of final device

            While the large heat output of conventional gas sensors causes heating of the sensor’s package surface, the TGS8100 is a negligible heat source when mounted inside a device. Electronic components and actuators in the vicinity of the sensor are therefore unaffected and the design of devices employing temperature and humidity sensors need not consider the sensor’s effect on internal heating, greatly simplifying product design.