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          Ultrq-compact CO sensor
          Product pictures
          Product introduction

          TGS 5141 - for the detection of Carbon Monoxide

          Figaro’s TGS5141 is a battery operable electrochemical sensor which uses a unique electrolyte that eliminates the need for a water reservoir. By eliminating the water reservoir used in TGS5042, the comparative size of TGS5141 is reduced to just 10% of TGS5042. With its ultra compact size, this sensor is the ideal choice for size oriented applications such as portable CO detectors, small residential CO detectors, and multi-sensor fire detectors. OEM customers will find individual sensors data printed on each sensor in bar code form, enabling users to skip the costly gas calibration process and allowing for individual sensor tracking.


          • Ultra compact

          • Battery operable

          • High repeatability/selectivity to CO

          • Linear relationship between CO gas concentration and sensor output

          • Simple calibration

          • Long life

          • UL recognized component

          • Meets UL2034, EN50291, and EN54-31 requirements