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          • TE quality components, the achievement of interconnected future——TE
            A leader in connectivity, designing and manufacturing highly sophisticated connectors, sensors and other components.


          • High anti-vulcanization product——KOA
            KOA anti-sulphide products have the same high reliability structure as general-purpose products, but the life expectancy is 500 times higher than that of ordinary products!


          • Products Applied in Optical Communication and Vehicle Navigation——YAMAICHI
            YAMAICHI with easy access and faster service


          • Selection of Encoder IC and Laser Driven IC-IC-Haus
            The german company iC-Haus was founded in 1984 and is a leading manufacturer of high-quality standard iCs (ASSP) and customized ASiC semiconductor solutions. The product line covers a wide range of applications in industrial automation, automotive industry and medical equipments, with a strong focus on motion control and laser driver iCs.


          • Quality comes from profession, trust wins the future—NCC


          • Communication without borders, connecting you and me——TE
            Smart home (tablet, smart TV and set-top box), smart phone and other connectivity solutions